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Vashikaran is an ancient method part of Vedic system that help people to get relieve from their problem. vashikaran was known from the time known to us.It was used kings to win wars ,get favorable results,win gamble,to get love and marry women they desire .It was practiced in secret and was available to limited people.As years passed the practice of black magic reduced.But it is still practiced in many parts of india such as mayong (assam),nimtala ghat(kolkata),varanasi(uttarpradesh), moghulpura,chatrinaka,shahlibanda, sultanshahi (andra praadesh),peringottukara(kerala),kushabhadra river (odisha) and other parts of the world such as mexico (famously known).Although these practices varies from culture to culture they tries to satisfy the evils godess.In india we have seek help form gods such as mohini,kamdeva,kamakhya.People now a days use help in getting success in business,get to get girl they liked or boy they liked,its mostly used to get loved,to get job they wanted ,pass exam that was tough,pass interviews.In modern days people call it black magic or kala jadoo.


vashikaran is very helpful for dismissal the hardships of loving relationship. It is helps  peoples in many situations like love marriage issues, Love relationship issues, Get lost love back issues, Business problems, Career related troubles and Husband wife Controversy. Vashikaran is certainly helps of lover to resolve the all love relation problem.Vashikaran can be used to bring back energy and love in marriage life.If you have love towards some individual but she/he does not understand your sentiments and they does not love with you. And you wish to love of that person, if that variety of situation arises in your lives than vashikaran is a best path for getting the loves of individual person.Getting a job is hard these days same goes with the business there is a lot of competition.To be successful is hard ,there is nothing wrong in getting help.

Most successful people follow these practices.If ou have noticed or observed you can find people who had nothing with them had risen from ashes and further went on to be wealthy.We don't claim all of those people accomplished their dreams are practicing it,but there are a bunch lot of them.You can notices that when he or she makes sudden improvement in life in a suspicious way.You may have seen pooja before starting a movie shooting ,business institution etc but what you don't know is there are pooja done on black magic based.The movie becomes super hit,business flourishes defeating enemies.You don't know this because it wont be done in public.There are vashikaran poojas which can be performed to destroy your enemies,bring complete loss to them  ruining their life .Anything is possible to achieve with this.

This is guaranteed and fast method for your solution for your problems.We offer respective goddess something they would like the most .In return they make sure our need is also met.Since this method of vashikaran is strong and powerful we can guarantee solution for all problems.


If you think to do vashikaran is easy then you are wrong .It take years of practice to excel .Luckily we have with us chethan sharma  who learned this from an aghori in haridwar (Uttarakhand ).With this skills he had found solution for many people over 11 years.We have wide range of clients starting from college students,housewife to models and politician.So do not worry about your personal details we promise to keep it secret.We have a 100% guaranteed solution for problems so tell us in the contact form or email @babatantra545@gmail.com or call 9206596417.For people who has still not believe you can pay only after seeing the results.We take a small amount as advance and you need to pay only if you get what you are promised.

Telling that there are many fake tantric's out there who claims to vashikaran specialist or blackmagic specialist .So watch out from them don't lose money .






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vashikaran for love is used to get the person you desire.If you have love someone and he or she reject you love its very painful.They may not value your feeling .This can be fixed in hours after which you will see the magic .They will treat you with love and affection that you have not even imagined...more



Love is a magical feeling that happens .But sadly parents fails to understand this .They will not allow the relationship .We will solve this problem for you .We will do vashikaran for parents and after which they will agree your relationship .We will also do special pooja to make sure you will live happily ever after.All this can be done in matter of hours ........more


vashikaran can be used to help you to win back your husbands love and care.As years pass it natural for husbands to lose the interest in you.We will help you in this case .After vashikaran is done your husband want to spend more time with you  ,take you out ,buy you things.We will bring total change in his behaviour   ...........more


Vashikaran can help you improve marital life.If women is loving the house is heaven .All problems will vanish when your wife opens the door with a smiling face.Sadly wifes these days are busy with tv,whatsapp,work etc .They wont have enough time for you .If this is the case we will solve it for you and make your life happy ever after........more



we can bring back your love if he or she had left you .What ever was the cause it does not matter.After our strong pooja in vashikaran the person will not be able to resist the feeling to meet and talk to you .Once pooja is performed the person will never leave you.All poojas performed here are powerful and will last till end of your life........more



We perform poojas for business success and growth.Poojas can be done on any business institute.It does not matter how big your enemies are.However dull your business is we can get it to success.Once pooja is completed you will start  seeing the changes.You can see more and more clients/customers visiting you.If you lost all hope in business and don't know what to do then it is highly recommended to try this .......more





Pooja is done on the wearable so that you can easily carry with you.These wearable are used to bring success or get what you desired.It will help you in passing examinations,clearing interview,promotion,getting love,getting marriage,wealth etc pooja is done on ring,bacelet,pendant.......more





Mantras you can practice .Mantras that can help you to get want you want.All the mantras are dangerous and must be preformed after proper consultation .......more 





We can remove spell that has been cast on you or someone you know .If you feel that bad luck is following you or if you are failing repeatedly you can doubt somebody has cast spell to ruin your life.It is very had to tell from outside if you were targeted. There are few symptoms to confirm....more


vashikaran can be done using kajal.It is for women mainly.If you apply this specially prepared kajal you can control any person you come in contact.You can use it on husband,boss,in-laws etc ....more


You can leave your valuable comments and feedback here.If you are happy with service received from us then please give feedback so that we get more clients .....more 





email: babatantra545@gmail.com

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