what is vashikaran/ वशीकरण? Does it really work?

Vashikaran is a ritual that is used to attract something in your life .It can be money , girlfriend , boyfriend anything. vashikaran is indian version of  famous black magic . people use rituals to satisfy the evil gods and get help in their matters.TO perform such rituals require dedication and good level of concentration . There are few people around the world blessed with such skills , some call them vashikaran specialist .

For vashikaran to be succesfull it required the skill which is attained through years of practices . If one decides to do the rituals ,he may find it difficult .All though some of these vashikaran mantras similar to black magic spells are available from few sources.


The use of vashikaran has changed in present world with some similarities

to bring back love

get girl they like

get the guy they like

get married with one they love

destroy the enemies

get jobs , pass exams

be successful in business

to control boss

to control husband

control wife


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